Indulge at home or on the go with our new 250g drink mix boxes.

Shloop! Powdered Drink Mixes taste just like all your favourite cold or hot drinks with the extra benefit of being naturally gluten free with no added sugars. From freshly brewed coffee and velvety vanilla to dreamy chocolate, heavenly hazelnut and spiced chai – they’re full of flavour and oh so easy to make.

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What makes Shloop! so good?

Naturally Gluten Free

No Added Sugar

Maltodextrin Free

Zero Creamer

Low GI

Low Fat


+ Add Whey Protein Concentrate


Meet our range of delicious drink mixes.

Keep your customers coming back for more with our irresistible powder mixes and purées perfect for use in busy bars, restaurants and gyms.

Powder Mixes

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Fruit and Veg Purées

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So much more than a drink mix.

Fluffy waffles, hearty breakfasts, lip-smacking puddings and much more, Shloop! is the secret ingredient for a range of sweet and savoury treats.

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